My name is Rochelle Tasca and I’m a visual artist based in Southern, New England. In May of 2019, I received a BFA in drawing with a minor in painting from the Lyme Academy in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

As a draftsman working in charcoal and graphite, my work centralizes on fabricating innovative forms with anatomical alterations. While blending together different view points of the subject matter, I use calligraphic mark-making to suggest sculptural three-dimension to the overall content.

Aside from visual art, I often find myself writing; may it be poetry, scholarly research or even the occasional horror film review. With a love for documenting the environment around me, I photograph my surroundings whenever possible; whether it be an Iris at its fullest bloom, or a rose that’s reached states of decay.

One of the greatest privileges I have as an artist is being able to immortalize memory.

In all aspects of my work; drawings, writings and photography, they become tools to represent this immortality, surpassing our own lives to create an eternal treatise for our descending generations to follow.

Because of this, my goal is to provide a welcoming space for others to share in their passion for artistic expression. Here you’ll find progressive states of my artwork, in-depth discussions of both the macabre and the pleasing, and, of course, the wonderful adventures shared between my loved ones and I.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries you may have. I’m looking forward to reading your responses in future posts!


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